OlotuOffice is an Office Management application that provides necessary tools for managers to smoothly run an office.OlotuOffice is Multi user, Multi branch Centralized Office Administrative & Management Software and is programmed to allow alot of customization as office operations differ between businesses.

Software Features

OlotuOffice has lots of features which includes but are not limited to the following:


  • Our OlotuOffice Authentication and Usage: OlotuOffice will create a personalized page for every registered staff after login; keeping track of all his/her activities throughout the software use.

  • Software areas are designed for access based on the level of authorization as specified by management.

  • The OlotuOffice is driven by legally Secure, Encrypted Database Backend.
    Our OlotuOffice is designed to track all administrative and office activities including user access and account logs.

  • Registered customers and clients can logon to the Office website and check or print their details/reports where necessary.
    Management can post internal memos or send intranet mails to each other at no cost. This feature is necessary for confidentiality as opposed to voice calls that can be heard by clients, visitors, etc in the office.

  • OlotuOffice can send alerts, enquiry, status message and other information via SMS directly from the software automatically to any phone as reminders or in cases of emergency.

  • OlotuOffice can also manage stock for the office products/stationaries, alert when low on stock, query to daily inventory, search availability, alert on expiry, automatically generate inventory reports, assign cost, etc.

  • Manage all staff details including qualifications, contacts, shifts, salary, bonuses and reductions, automatically send alerts messages via SMS to any staff, etc.

  • You can also avoid the surprise of missing items in your office and stolen property without documentation; OlotuOffice helps you declare every property purchased by the office and its details in case of theft/recovery, legal evidence, insurance, property value, etc.

Software Modules

  • Contact Management
  • Staff Management
  • Accounts
  • Asset Management
  • Custom

  • Office Communication
  • Internal Memo posting
  • Intranet Mailing System
System Administration
  • Database Query
  • Backup & Restore
  • Database and Application)
  • Database Management Tools
  • Technical Support
  • Software Documentation
Optional Modules
  • Website Portal System
  • SMS Integration
  • Stock Management System (for office products,
  • stationeries, etc)


The details of the several modules that come with OlotuOffice to make your office a complete automated system are:



show details Contact Management

show details Staff Management

show details Accounts

show details Asset Management

show details Custom Module

Benefits of OlotuOffice

  • Well-built Office management software that serves to ease staff/admin office activities.
  • Helps to organize data processing and improves availability of information when needed.
  • Secured System from improved data encryption (md5/sha1), intrusion detection, access authentication, database security, etc.
  • Generate fund for the organization using SMS, Adverts, statement generation, online access, etc.
  • On our OlotuOffice, each staff has a unique email staff@Officename.com with unlimited space – ensuring communication effectiveness.
  • Expand business and be known nationally and world wide by marketing your website online and given online support to overseas contacts.
  • Your website will be submitted to 2000 search engines online FREE or charge.
    Technical Support 24/7, remote support by Phone, email, etc.

System Requirements

The minimum recommended hardware platform for servers and client workstations are as follows:

Server System Requirements

CPU Intel Dual Core (or XEON) 2.4GHZ
Operating System Windows 2003 Server or later
Ubuntu Linux 10.04 LTS or later
Hard Disk (Free Space) 100GB
Monitor/VGA Card 17”/19” (or greater)
Capable of 1024 x 768 resolution at 64,000 colors
Network Card 10/100 mbps
DVD Multi-Writer 52x
Backup Devices Ex HDD (10GB)

Please note that server configuration varies according to the number of users.


Client System Requirements

CPU Intel Pentium II
Operating System Windows: 9x/2000/Me/XP/Vista/Win7/Win8
Linux: Ubuntu/RedHat/Fedora
Mac: OSx
Hard Disk (Free Space) 10GB (or greater)
-software does not use any client system storage resources
Monitor/VGA Card 15” (or greater) Capable of 1024 x 768 resolution at 64,000 colors
Network Card 10/100 mbps
DVD / CD-R 52x

Training & Documentation:

  • Thorough training by skilled technicians ensures that your staff will be ready to fully use the software. Remote training will be provided through phone calls, SMS, remote desktop connections, live help or instant messengers. Onsite training will be charged extra for training equipments and considering the number of individuals and level/modules of training sorted for.

  • User manual will be provided with the application Free 6 months online training will be given for five users and one administrator. License will also be provided free with the application.


  • You will get 6 months free online support. Support will be provided through phone calls, SMS, remote desktop connections, live help and instant messengers Free online and connectivity tools will be provided Onsite support will be charged extra based on man-hours. We also provide unrivaled support of our customizations